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Hi, I am Chrissy! I love to create wholesome recipes for my family and share them on The Taylor House. You can oftentimes find me in my kitchen, creating something delicious and making a bit of a mess, with my sidekick Lily at my side. She is always willing to help clean up any crumbs that fall her way!

If you can't find me in the kitchen, I might be working on an awesome DIY project with a nail gun or paint brush at my side, on the red carpet for a movie premiere, or at the racetrack fostering my son's love of Nascar! I am a hands-on go-getter that believes life is meant to be enjoyed, and manicures aren't meant to last!

I am happiest when I am at home with my two handsome and talented sons, and my sweet little dog, Lily. We love to play and travel together. In addition to making delicious dishes and doable DIY’s, I am in the business of making memories with the ones I love the most! What a beautiful business it is to be a part of! Combining the pleasure of family life and the joy of creation makes me a professional stain maker. This is a badge of honor that I wear with a smile! I can't wait to share ideas for creating fabulous things to eat or admire with you!

If you stick with me, I will also give you tips and tricks for cleaning up some of the messes that we are bound to make together and info from a pro on how to eliminate some of the stains that living a creative life with your own family can bring!