Kevin Espiritu, Epic GardeningKevin Espiritu |

As a gardener, I’m a guy who not only has dirt under my fingernails – I usually have it all over me, my clothes and my house! If you don’t know my background, it used to be in Epic Gardening grew out of my past work in publishing, a tech start up and love of working outdoors. I am a living #stainstory.

I went to school for Economics and Accounting but then I designed websites and did some marketing work for doctors and lawyers.  That led to my work in a tech startup and a publishing company that evolved into Epic Gardening as a website and podcast.

It’s that technical side combined with my passion for doing something outdoors that’s now made this my full-time endeavor for the past two years. My gardening really was cleaner when I started  with just hydroponic cucumbers, but then I expanded to vegetables and microgreens. I found guys really appreciate the hydroponics and even houseplants, and  the idea of homesteading morphed into a more modern lifestyle.

To bring Epic Gardening to life, I created a test garden, which means dirt, compost and much more. I live in a Victorian house with a home office that leads right to the the garden. I dive into my work and it’s not the cleanest or prettiest –compost, spilled fertilizer, you name it.

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