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Some of my earliest memories from childhood involve creativity and crafting. My mother was a quilter and cross stitcher and she was never afraid to try new things or to find beauty in the mundane. My childhood Halloweens involved homemade costumes, and birthdays featured handmade decorations and custom baked cakes. I grew up believing that life was richer when you were surrounded by things created with your own hands. That message influenced the course of my life.

As a creative blogger, I now make my living off my passion for crafting and creating. I love sharing creative ideas and inspiration with others. My goal is to motivate crafters to try new things and to go out of their comfort zones. I believe everyone has the ability to make beautiful things, but some people need a little more encouragement than others. I especially want to instill in my children the same love of creating and creative drive that my mom instilled in me. Life is more balanced when you use both your analytical side and your creative side, and I know my kids will lead richer fuller lives if they have both. 

Unlike my mom, I haven’t focused on any single craft that I love the most. From crochet and watercolor, quilting and cross stitching, to painting and woodworking, I want to try them all!  I have never met a new craft that I didn’t want to attempt, and that means my creative space is bursting at the seams with all the trappings that come with a creative lifestyle. Yarn, fabric, paint, paper and ink all fill my studio. Nobody has ever said that creating is a neat process! 

My craft space is my retreat, a place where I can contain my mess and have all my crafting tools at my fingertips.  It also allows me to be unconstrained when I’m creating since I don’t have to worry about dropping scraps on the floor, or allowing snippets of thread to fall into the carpet.  I can’t wait to share my craft studio with you and share exactly why I love it and how it lets me focus on the creative side of crafting!

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