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We recently added a puppy to our family, Winnie a 5-month-old, (not-so) little Great Pyrenees. The breed is known to protect livestock, and her instincts follow suit. We have a very small herd of sheep, that Winnie absolutely loves to be around. To off load some pent-up energy, we bring her out to the sheep, and she has a blast. After a few days of some heavy rain, we had a few mud puddles in the pasture where the sheep are, and there is one thing Winnie can do very well (hint: it’s not listening), that is find water of any sort. She found a few mud puddles and her favorite past time is splashing water, in bowls, pools, and even mud puddles. She is a farm dog, so we wouldn’t expect any less of her.

After spending about an hour with the sheep it was time to head in for an outdoor bath with the garden hose. For being a puppy, she does pretty well with the whole bath thing, we do give her plenty during the process. If you have dogs of your own or had dogs, you know after a bath most do this run and roll thing on carpet, rugs, or towels… even after you blow dry them. Well (key the dramatic exhale)… After we gave Winnie a bath, we were running in to get a towel to wipe her dry, and she snuck into the house to dry herself off, I know she’s so helpful right. We tried our best to get all the dirt off, but there was a little bit on her legs, and now it was all over our small rug. We tried to jump on it right away and hit with as carpet cleaner, but the damage was done.

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